We are pleased to be part of a growing community of healthcare professionals who believe in the healing power of animals and their very real applicability in the healing of human beings.  We are also part of a larger community of healers who support the whole persons who are healthcare professionals; that when healthcare professionals care for themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually, they can better help others.

Here are other places where you can learn about Animal Human Intervention activities and resources that support the health and well being of healthcare professionals:


Animal Human Intervention Resources Leader in using dogs in Animal Assisted Therapy; Melissa Winkle is an Occupational Therapist and leader in this field. The largest nonprofit organization that offers resources in Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities. The pre-eminent organization and professional association in Animal Assisted Therapy. A growing international professional association leading the way in developments in the fields of Animal Human Intervention, such as Animal Assisted Activities AAIIAffiliateMember




Supporting Passion in Health Care Professionals and Caring Theory Resources  For a source of award-winning inspirational books and wisdom cards for healthcare professionals.HWHbundle imagesmall Creative Health Care Management, nurse-based consulting firm noted for its creation of Relationship-Based Care, Reigniting the Spirit of Caring, See Me As A Person.  Self-Care Academy teaches nurses how to care for themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Resources for nurses.HWTWcovr1400x2000.150dpi