Love of My Life: How My Pet Changed My World

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A Pet Biography Service

Do you have tons of pictures of your beloved pet and stories of how your pet came into your life, became your trusted companion, has taken vacations with you, the funny things your pet’s done, your pet’s quirks, and ultimately, how your pet has changed your world?  Do you keep saying, “I’ll get around to writing that photo book one day…” and yet you never do?  Let me help you put your memories, love and photos into a permanent memento.

Terri is an award-winning author and proficient book maker on Shutterfly.  Spend a half hour telling her your pet’s story, send photos to fill at least a 20-page book and she’ll create a book telling the story of your beloved pet’s life. You choose how you want the book to look. Print as many as you want…that’s up to you.  Terri will write your pet’s story and organize the photos into a commemorative book you’ll treasure forever.  Makes a unique and cherished gift for a friend who’s lost the Love of Her (or His) Life.  

Cost for the consult, original designated layout: $125 (book printing separate)